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We work with only the best brands to bring you a wide selection of custom window blinds and blind installation services. Blinds are versatile, easy to install, and are available in various price categories. Whether your goal is to block out sunlight, pure appearance, or a combination of both, we have the designs you want. Horizontal or vertical blinds can add the right amount of light and privacy for your needs.

We can customize all of our blinds to ensure a perfect fit for every window. Our major manufacturers engineer their blinds to provide exceptional long-term reliability. You can also customize your choice of blinds to match your interior style with various style, color, and material options available. This allows you to tailor the design to beautifully complement your home’s décor. With all the options available to you, let us help you select the right window treatment solutions.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are a classic style that’s sure to elevate the interior design of any home. They are a great choice for homeowners who prefer natural materials, as they reflect the beauty of nature and can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Our lightweight wood blinds are available in multiple slat sizes, including 2-inch and 2 3/8-inch models, and come in 30 different stains and 10 different paint options. Wood is highly versatile. These blinds can be as light or dark as you want them to be, allowing you to custom-match them to your existing home décor with ease.

Benefit of wood blinds:

  • Energy efficient – Wood blinds have natural insulating properties. This can help keep your home comfortable while reducing energy costs.
  • Complete privacy – Wood blinds provide more privacy than other options. When in the room, you can enjoy complete visual privacy.
  • Easy to clean – Cleaning wood blinds is less difficult due to the slats being wider. It is possible to use a clean cloth and a light cleanser to clean the blinds without having to remove them from the window.
  • Natural beauty – Wood blinds add texture to a room. A natural stain helps to accent the natural grain of the wood. You can also paint the blinds to match the rest of your room.
Graber Wood Blinds

Faux Wood and Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum and PVC blinds are much more cost-effective. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, consider these alternate material choices. Despite the lower cost, these options also offer plenty of features that can coordinate with your interior design.

If you love the beauty of genuine wood blinds but are looking for a more cost-effective option, faux wood blinds are an excellent alternative. Faux wood blinds mimic the appearance of natural wood and come in a wide variety of sizes, stains, and paint colors. Made from PVC, faux wood blinds are fire and moisture resistant. Faux wood blinds combine natural wood beauty with modern engineering. These blinds can also be motorized for convenient and safe operation.

Aluminum blinds are cost-effective window treatments that resist moisture, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. They come in a wide array of color options to select from and you can paint them with the color of your choice.

Benefits of faux wood and aluminum blinds:

  • Durable – Both faux wood and aluminum blinds are extremely durable.
  • Water-resistance – Aluminum and faux wood blinds are an ideal choice for kitchens and the bathrooms where moisture can be an issue.
  • Good insulation – These blinds manage to provide excellent protection against the outside heat. 
Hunter Douglas - Aluminum Blinds

Window Blind Installation Services

We offer professional installation services for your custom window blinds. Furthermore, when you turn to us for blinds, you can be sure that your investment will be protected. We offer a labor warranty on all products we install in addition to any existing manufacturer warranties. We also offer financing and same-as-cash options to help you better manage the cost of your order.

Contact Simply Windows to request a design consultation. Learn more about the deluxe blinds and other types of window treatments in your Metrowest home. We would be happy to schedule a free, in-home consultation with one of our expert designers.



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